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Aamir Khan Was Near To Death While Shooting ‘Ghulam’

Aamir Khan is an artist who distinguishes him from other actors. He is called Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood and that is because he does everything well. This is an anecdote of Ghulam’s shooting time, when he endangered his life to shoot a scene in a perfect way.

In Ghulam, he played the role of Siddharth Marathe. Rani Mukherjee was his opposite in this film. This film has a train scene which is one of the most talked about and best scenes in Bollywood. When the film was released, the scene created a lot of buzz. This scene has given tremendous footage to Aamir. Today we are telling you the story behind this scene.

Makers wanted to do this scene with a stuntman, but Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan insisted on doing the scene himself. Vikram Bhatt objected to this but Aamir Khan somehow convinced him. The scene was at night and was to be shot on the railway line. The action was done and the camera was rolled. The headlight of the train coming from the front was turned on and it was coming fast towards Aamir. Aamir was running towards the rail. In this scene, the speeding rail was coming faster than Aamir had thought.

The distance between the train and Aamir was very short and the speed of the train was very fast. Then Aamir Khan jumped from the trail. If this jump of Aamir was delayed by two seconds, if he won’t, the train would have collided with him. Rani Mukherjee, Deepak Tijori, Vikram Bhatt and the rest of the unit kept watching quietly and the scene was completed. Audience may not felt but Aamir was stunned after this scene.