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Every Aamir Khan Fan is Definitely Going To Love His ‘Dangal’ Transformation

Aamir Khan’s Dangal and Salman Khan’s Sultan are really high on talks these days. Although Dangal’s trailer is still not released and we all have seen the glimpse of Salman Khan in the trailer of Sultan, there’s no need to worry about Aamir Khan’s shocking transformation for the movie ‘Dangal’ as it has really gone super well.

Before taking a glimpse of Aamir Khan’s shocking transformation for the Movie Dangal, let’s take see what he has gone through in the Bollywood cinema:

1. From the Really cute and romantic transformation from the movie ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’.

Aamir Khan  Andaaz Apn Apna

2. To the wild and psychopath beast in the movie ‘Gajhini’. At his work, Aamir Khan really doesn’t care about crossing the limits.

Aamir Khan Gajhni

3. But just a few days ago he surprised us with these fat looks of over gained weight which made us all doubt his Dangal performance.

Aamir Khan current looks

4. But now when his final transformation came, it just came with a bang and surprised us all with these muscular arms and the great looks of a PEHALWAN.

Aamir Khan Dangal

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