News “Get raped by 10 people, we will pay 20 lakh” Shocking Statement...

“Get raped by 10 people, we will pay 20 lakh” Shocking Statement by a Famous Political Leader

India is becoming unsafe day by day for girls. Once again the Rewari gang rape case has proved that our girls are not safe. Well, politics is on! Political leaders started making an issue to accuse each other. The Haryana chief of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Naveen Jaihind, gave a shocking statement on Tuesday, which has now created a controversy.

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Whatever he said is truly absurd and ridiculous. Talking on the Rewari gang-rape case, he pointed toward the BJP government which gave a compensation of Rs two Lakhs to the rape victim. Jaihind said AAP is willing to pay Rs 20 lakh to any Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader for allowing ‘kukarm’ (misdeed) on them by 10 people.

He actually stated that,

“I offer to pay Rs 20 lakh to BJP politicians if they allow ‘kukarm’ on themselves by 10 people, are they valuing someone’s honor at Rs 2 lakh.”

While attacking the CM Manohar Lal Khattar he compared them with Mahabharata characters and said,

“Our Chief Minister Khattar has become a Dhritarashtra. The state government has completely failed. It’s ‘Kaurava’ rule in Haryana.”

Accused of Rewari Gang Rape Case

However, the compensation of Rs 2 lakh given by the Khattar government has returned by the victim’s family. He further said that apart from financial compensation, the victim should get speedy justice.

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