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Entertainment Abhay Deol Slams Indian Celebrities Promoting Anti-Racism Protests in America

Abhay Deol Slams Indian Celebrities Promoting Anti-Racism Protests in America

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Abhay Deol has recently slammed the Indian celebs who took an active part in the protest of “Black lives Matter”

The issue of the death of black civilian George Floyd in America is currently prevalent in the whole world. These days a protest going on in America, for Gorge Floyd. And amid of this, the effect has also been seen among Bollywood celebs. Big stars like Priyanka Chopra, Karan Johar, and Kareena Kapoor have supported the movement of blacks. But meanwhile, actor Abhay Deol has reacted to the matter. Slamming the celebs he said, that earlier they promoted fairness products and now they are supporting anti-racism protest.

Abhay Deol shared a post on Instagram and asked, will the celebrities will stop supporting fairness creams now? Along with this, the actor has written a long post giving the figure of buying and selling Fairness Creams in India. Also, Abhay has written in this post the names of the sites on which these fairness creams are sold. In his post, Abhay Deol wrote, ‘Fairness creams got prevalent in India a few years, back. At first fairness, creams were introduced and now creams like skin-brightening or skin whitening are in trend. Now many brands do not want to be associated with names of Fairness Creams. So now they are into HD Glow, White Beauty, White Glow, Fine Fairness. Over the years, these companies have started focusing on men also who now want to become fair and handsome. These creams not only promote racism but also look down upon people with any other skin color than ‘fair’.

Earlier, Abhay Deol had taken a dig at those celebs and middle-class people who are raising their voice on the death of George Floyd but remain silent on the problems of their own country. He shared a picture on her Instagram account, which wrote, ‘The lives of immigrants, poor and minorities also matter.

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