Sara Ali Khan And Rakul Preet Singh To Be Summoned Soon By NCB

After Rhea Chakraborty the NCB is likely to summon Rhea's friends Sara Ali Khan and Rakul Preet Singh soon.
Trending Abhishek Bachchan Found Bro-mancing With KRK On Twitter

Abhishek Bachchan Found Bro-mancing With KRK On Twitter

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It was just a normal day in Twitter town and all the netizens were happily tweeting and retweeting when Bollywood Gaandu changed things with a single Tweet, fired like a Torpedo that never misses its aim which in this case was Abhishek (The Junior) Bachchan. Bollywood Gaandu posted an opinionated post against Abhishek’s not so happening existence in the industry. And once you let such thoughts go public on amedium like Twitter, it is bound to turn into a “Clash of Tweets”. But Guess who came to save Junior B’s day? Not an easy guess I must say.. Kamaal R Khan.. Let’s find out the whole story.

So, Here’s how it all started..

And Abhishek too, being active on social media, couldn’t let it go to his good side.

And the War started.. tweet after tweet..

But Abhishek is not an easy nut to Crack..

And this is where it Got way too personal..

And enters, look who, KRK thinking it was a Bollywood Flick and decided to review it as well..This time for better though..

And Look where the Bro-mancing went..

Hey KJo, Looking up to making Dostana 2? We Found you the Cast! 😉

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