Action Mobile Game FAU-G Out Now: Know How To download Along With Other Details


The action mobile game FAU-G is out on 26th January. So all those who are ready to play this game. Here are the details about the gameplay and how to download it.

After the game, PUB-G was banned in September 2020. A lot of gaming enthusiasts were disappointed. But now The new “Made in India” game FAU-G has come out. According to the information the game is different and from PUB-G. And comes across as a high-profile game. But has no intentions to take to replace PUBG Mobile. However, as per the reports, the game recently crossed 5 million registrations which are worth noticing. So if you are also the one who was waiting to download this game these are things to consider. Below are few points that will explain to you what sort of a game FAU-G is, and whether your phone supports it or not. So check out these points below:

Lets checkout the points below:

1. First go to the Google Play Store on your phone, but let us tell you that the smartphones running Android 8.0 or more will support the game. If it is not so your phone can probably hang. So basically this is a smartphone game.

2. So now what’s next! many of you might be having an iPhone. But the drawback is that those who are having it might get disappointed because FAU-G is not available for iOS. However there are reports that an iOS counterpart will be released, but right now there is no proper information about it. FAU-G installer is 46MB, but the game files may be over 500MB in size. So typically the size depends on the Android phone you are using.

3. To use FAU-G you first have to grant permissions such as storage, photo gallery, media gallery, network settings, full network access, view network connections, and prevent the device from sleeping.

4. FAU-G gameplay comes with a single campaign mode which means that only one person will get involved in shooting for individuals. And the multiplayer option will be added later through an update. So right now you practice and upskill yourself. further, there are no guns right now, and you have to attack your enemies using your fists and an axe, and the elbow.

5. You might have seen ammunition in the game trailer but you will get to see it later in the gameplay on the next stage. As there are multiple stages that you will clear.

6. Comparing to PUB-G this game have a single map that is themed on the Galwan Valley. Where the battle between the Indian and Chinese army took place. Now talking about outfits currently, you cant even choose your outfit in FAU-G. So at present, you have to be an Indian Army soldier’s avatar.

7. Talking about other things. Currently, there is a navigation control on the screen for controlling the movement, an attack button, and a defense button. Apart from this, there are no other options in the game right now.

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