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This Bollywood Actor’s Father First Murdered His Wife And Daughter Then Shot Himself Dead

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Kajol debuted in the Bollywood with film Bekhudi opposite actor Kamal Sadanah. The film did not do well at the box office. Kamal then acted alongside the late Divya Bharti in Rang which was a hit. After this, he acted in a string of films which failed to do well. At the end of the 90s, he quit films for several years and made a comeback to acting in 2006 with a role in the Zee TV television serial Kasamh Se.

He is the son of late producer and director Brij Sadanah. Yes, the same Brij Sadanah who once made horrific headlines in 1990. On 21st October 1990, an incident shook the nation as well as Bollywood. 27 years ago, three gun-shots changed former Bollywood actor Kamal Sadanah’s life forever. It was his 20th birthday.

He was celebrating with friends when his father barged into the hallway of his bungalow. He first fired at his wife Saeeda Khan, then daughter Namrata. A bullet had ripped through his own neck as well but he survived. His one of the friend also got injured. Kamal watched everything helplessly. His dad then walked into the bedroom and shot himself through his mouth.

On this shocking incident, Kamal says,

“Everybody kept asking me what happened the night that wiped my entire family away, but somehow I couldn’t muster the courage to tell it to the whole world. But when I was asked to make a short film, the only thing I could think of was that fateful night.”

The actor shared that,

“Mom and dad had had an argument on the morning of my birthday. By the evening, Dad had consumed more than his share of alcohol. I left with my friends for my birthday celebrations. We came back to the bungalow a little after midnight and were hanging out in my room. On hearing gunshots, we all came running down. My friends Harry (with the wounded wrist) and Rizvi took us to Baba Hospital. But my mother and sister were declared dead on admission.”

He looks like this now!

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