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Entertainment Sonali Bendre's Costar Died Shockingly in 10 Minutes at His Residence When...

Sonali Bendre’s Costar Died Shockingly in 10 Minutes at His Residence When he Was Just 30

Remember the song of 1999 fil Dil Hi Dil Mein, Oh Naazni Suno Na! The long hair cute guy in the song was actor Kunal Singh. He was the famous South film actor. Did you know he is no more in this world now? Yes, it is true!

In the year 2008 on 7 February, he was found hanging from a ceiling in his Mumbai apartment. It was his co-star Lavina Bhatia who first found him hanging. He hanged himself or it was a murder, it is still a mystery. Police officials said that the actor’s proximity to a co-star had not gone down well with his family. The actor had slashed his wrists a few months back, according to medical certificates. Lavina told the police that she had gone to the bathroom for ten minutes, which is when Singh allegedly took the drastic step.

Later, Kunal Singh’s father had challenged the apparent suicide as he claimed that the body showed signs of suspicious bruising. On this police arrested Laveena Bhatia with whom Kunal had a rumored affair. But she was later released after the police could not prove a motive. The police were unable to prove any other persons were present in Kunal’s apartment at the time of his death.

According to the police officials, Singh had carried a large suitcase and placed it on a chair, before climbing on it. He used the bedsheet from the double bed to tie a noose. At the time of his death, Kunal was working on a film, Yogi, which was being produced by his newly formed production company Balagiri.

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