Not Money But These 5 Bollywood Stars Are Number 1 in Earning Respect, One of Them is Even Worshipped as God



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No matter how far you go in earning name and fame, in the end, all that matters is respect. Some of the Bollywood stars are worshipped as God by their fans. Today we will tell you about the stars who have immense dignity among their fans all around the world.

1) Akshay Kumar

He is also known as Khiladi Kumar of the Bollywood. Akshay is not only an actor but a strong patriotic person by heart. These days he is working in the films based on country love or social issues happening in the country. Due to this, he is getting more popularity and respect. He also launched a mobile app ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ by using it anyone can donate money to the families of martyrs.

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2) Rajinikanth

In Rajinikanth movies, he is projected as a polite, kind, helping and courageous character. Rajinikanth rules the hearts of his many fans across the world. He is not just adored but worshipped as the Thalaivaa. His movies are box office hits not only in the South Indian market but even as far as Japan and the United Kingdom.

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3) Salman Khan

He is Bollywood’s most Dabangg actor. He donates 90% of his fees. His NGO Being Human help poor people and provides them with better medical facilities. Recently his co-star Pooja Dadhwal thanked him for helping her battling with TB. Salman Khan provided everything to her from clothes to medicines and treatment.

4) Nana Patekar

He donates 90% of the fee for the betterment of poor farmers. He many times directly helped poor by providing them with the financial aid.

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5) Dharmendra

The veteran actor is among the philanthropists who donate money and help poor in every possible way he can.