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The profession of an actor is very often associated with risks, especially if dangerous stunts are prescribed in the script. Although the help of stunt doubles has not been canceled, some actors themselves refuse it. Someone, by their self-confidence, thinks that they can cope, someone wants to fully get used to the role of their character. However, for some, such attempts could be very expensive.

Isla Fisher

Those who watched the film “The Illusion of Deception” remember the scene where Isla’s heroine repeats the trick of Harry Guddini himself, with an aquarium and a chain. The actress had to take off her chains and get out of the aquarium, but the chain got stuck and it became more difficult to breathe. She began to give signs to the film crew, but no one thought to help her, since everyone was sure that she was just playing the role. Fortunately, Ayla was able to reach the quick-release button and get out of the water.

Jason Statham

While working on the movie “The Expendables 3”, Jason Statham almost died. His colleague Sylvester Stallone told reporters about this. The shooting took place in Bulgaria, according to the plot, Statham was driving a truck with faulty brakes and fell from a cliff over 17 meters high into the Black Sea. Luckily, it turned out that the Hollywood actor used to be a professional driver. Thanks to his skills, he was able to get out of the water before the car began to sink to the bottom.

Halle Berry

In Die Another Day, her co-star Pierce Brosnan became a threat to the actress’s life. He made the actress laugh right during the scene, and she choked on a piece of fruit, which began to choke. As Pierce later said, he looked at the gasping beauty and did not know what to do, because he was confused. Fortunately, there were assistants nearby who saved the actress.

Johnny Depp

It is not known from whom the danger can be expected during the work on the next film. So in “The Lone Ranger” Johnny Depp was supposed to ride a horse, but the animal suddenly stopped and suddenly reared up. However, the saddle began to slide with the actor. The horse decided to ride more than 22 meters. Johnny dragged himself all this time on the ground and was hit by hooves several times, so his colleagues managed to pull him out with difficulty.

Jennifer Lawrence

Special effects can also be life-threatening for actors. In one of the parts of The Hunger Games, the actress almost suffocated. According to the script, the heroine Lawrence leads a group of rebels. On the way, they had to run through a tunnel. However, while running through one of them, a celebrity encountered a malfunction of a car that creates smoke. The tunnel was filled with so much smoke that Lawrence narrowly escaped suffocation during filming.

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