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Entertainment Did You Know This Actress of Saif Ali Khan Starrer Film Kaalakaandi Was...

Did You Know This Actress of Saif Ali Khan Starrer Film Kaalakaandi Was Born as a Man First

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Saif Ali Khan starrer film Kaalakaandi has already released in the cinema halls. The film revolves around the story of 6 people belong to 3 different categories of a society. Saif Ali Khan is playing a role of a banker who lived his life up till now with discipline and patience. He never even smoked a single cigarette, never crossed the red light and never cheated on someone. However, one day when he comes to know he is diagnosed with cancer, the ground beneath his feet slips away. Then he decides to transform his life completely. He becomes a totally reversed person. The film is directed and written by Akshat Verma and is produced by Rohit Khattar and Ashi Dua.

Narendra Singh to Nery Singh

The actress Nery Singh is playing an important role in the film. But did you know that this actress was first born as a man? her name was Narendra Singh. Then how she changed into a woman? let us tell you her story:

Nery Singh told,

“I used to participate in dance shows. However, I enjoyed dance like a woman. Sometimes I danced by wearing girlish clothes and found I started getting more attention by doing so. People got stunned by watching me dance like a woman.”

She said,

“I performed as a man in ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’. The producer had asked me something else to perform but I refused to say that I can not dance by becoming a woman on National TV, when Farah When intervened in the show then I was about to leave the show, the channel asked Farah to convince me. When a successful filmmaker appreciates your work, you can never say no. That episode got hit. After that, Sony TV channel has called me several times to perform me in their show. From there I got fame.”

She also worked in many Bollywood films like Tamasha (she got a role of a eunuch in the film, at first she refused but then she agreed to do that only because of Ranbir Kapoor. She is a fan of Ranbir Kapoor), Mom and Kaalakaandi.


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