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News Actress Pooja Bedi Lends Support to Rape Accused Karan Oberoi, Says Many...

Actress Pooja Bedi Lends Support to Rape Accused Karan Oberoi, Says Many Women Misuse Law

Famous actor Karan Oberoi who was seen in a number of TV serials, few films and was a part of a music band – A Band of Boys, is in news. He gets accused of raping a woman on the pretext of marrying her and also blackmailed her.

The victim filed an FIR against him alleging him of blackmailing for money by using their intimate video. She said whenever she asked him about marriage he kept ignoring it and would ask for more money.

Well now, actress Pooja Bedi along with the band members of his music band ‘Band Of Boys’ lends her support to Karan Oberoi. Pooja Bedi said in a press meet that inequality exists in the law. The actress said, “Taking the history of our country in consideration and the patriarchal society that we are living in, there is a situation where a rape victim goes to the police station and her complaint does not get registered, which is wrong. So we need laws against rape and such violence; but at the same time, if a severe number of women are misusing the law if they are not respecting the law that is meant to protect them rather taking advantage of it, we need to think about how to protect the right of a man as well!”

She further added, “It is unfortunate to see such a kind man being subjected to something like this; the reputation damage, the family trauma, all these are unacceptable to me. There are a number of cases where women are not using the law, they are misusing the law.”

To let you know, after victim’s revelation, Police registered a complaint against Karan under sections 376 (rape) and 384 (extortion) of the Indian Penal Code.

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