Actress Preksha Mehta Commits Suicide In Indore


There are reports that actress Preksha Mehta who appeared in many shows, has committed suicide on 25th May at her residence. Read below to know the cause of her death.

Everyone knows that this year proved to be the worst ever for the entertainment industry due to lockdown. And now other bad news that has surfaced is the death news of actress Preksha Mehta. According to the reports she was found hanging in her residence in Indore. It has been said that her father was the first one to see her dead body. After the news came into headlines. A cop from Heera Nagar Police Station in Indore has also shared a note of her suicide that read “I cant live with my shattered dreams, it has broken my confidenceĀ I tried really hard. Now, I am tired.”.

The late actress previously appeared in shows like Crime Patrol, Laal Ishq, and Meri Durga, along with this she has also worked in the Akshay Kumar-starrer Pad Man. The actress was at home during the days of lockdown and was quite stressed, a night before she committed suicide. One of her family members revealed that, when the whole family was playing cards, she sat quietly in the corner and looked quite depressed. The next morning when everyone woke up she was found hanging from the ceiling fan.

Before taking her life she posted a message with caption “Sabse bura hota hai sapno ka mar jaana .” (The worst is when your dreams die)

Let us tell you that the lockdown has affected the entertainment industry very badly and this has left many actors and technicians jobless and anxious about their future.

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