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Entertainment Actress Somya Seth Reveals About Her Thought Of Suicide

Actress Somya Seth Reveals About Her Thought Of Suicide

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Actress Somya Seth revealed that once she wanted to commit suicide. Telling an untold story here’s what she shared with those who think of doing the same.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has put the film and TV world in shock. Meanwhile, Serial Navya Fame Actress Soumya Seth has also revealed that once the word Suicide came in her mind too. She wanted to commit suicide but she could not. Soumya told in the caption that she never thought that she would keep this thing in front of the world, but after Sushant’s suicide, she thought that her note and experience about life could save some one’s else life. And could encourage people not to take such steps.

Soumya wrote in her post- In the past, I used to think of finishing my life, and kept on thinking about it for months. I was hiding these thoughts behind my sweet smile. I attended every event and smiled and talked to everyone. But as people went to their homes, I used to find ways to kill myself. I was very disappointed with my life. I looked at myself in the mirror and could not believe that it was me and the life inside me was dead. At some point, I realized that no one loves me.

Soumya wrote – But I did not suicide. I could not. I had to live I was forced to live. Because I was pregnant. And that was my reason to live. But at that time no one knew the secret. She further keeping her thoughts said that sometimes a successful career also becomes a reason for being unhappy in life. But we should think twice before taking any step.

Appealing to those who have thoughts of suicide. The actress wrote – Please you should know that you have people who will listen to you. If it does not work, then look at yourself in the mirror and think how magnificent you are, and enjoy all the happiness. Be Strong and Inspire Others.

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