Actresses Accused of Snatching And Marrying Their Best Friend’s Husband


The glamour industry looks glittery outside. We as an audience can look at its bright side. But everything in this world comes up with its own pros and cons. You won’t believe that here some actors are really very good friends and they have examples of their friendship. However, there are those people too who cheated on their friends and broke their marriages. Read out the text below:

Amrita Arora

Amrita is married to businessman Shakeel Ladak. It was Shakeel’s second marriage to her. Firstly he was married to Amrita’s best friend Nisha Rana. Amrita and Nisha were from the same college and were good friends for years. But it was Amrita who came in between them and after divorcing Nisha in 2006, Shakeel married Amrita Arora in 2009.

Smriti Irani

Tulsi of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Smriti Irani and now union minister was one of the finalists of the beauty pageant Miss India 1998. Before marriage, she was Smriti Malhotra and also worked in a restaurant during her struggling days. While working there, she met a rich Parsi girl Mona Irani who was married to Zubin Irani. Mona was a good human being, a kind-hearted, helpful friend.

Sometimes Smriti didn’t have money to pay for her flat’s rent. Mona offered her help and asked to stay with them until she finds a good job. Smriti started living at Mona’s house, where she met Mona’s husband Indian businessman Feroz Shah Godrej’s nephew Zubin.

Both Mona’s friend Smriti and her husband Zubin cheated on her. Mona called Smriti a home-breaker. Zubin mired in Smriti’s love trap and divorced Mona. He then married Smriti Malhotra.



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