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Actresses Madhuri Dixit And Dimple Kapadia Scared of This Famous Actor as he Lost-Control During Intimate Scenes

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Boldness sells in Bollywood! Be it intense lovemaking or a skin show, there is a predominant presence of sensuality in B-town movies that attracts the audience to the theatre. Actors feel pressure when they have to give such passionate intimate scenes. And you will feel surprised to know that there are many actors who lost their control and made their co-star feel uncomfortable. One of them is the late actor Vinod Khanna.

Veteran Actor Vinod Khanna Dies At 70

He was such a real actor. No one can beat his ace acting timing whether it’s about doing a villain-centric role, a comic one, action or he graced all like a pro! However, when it comes to a passionate intimate scene he sometimes lost his control over himself.

According to some media reports, Vinod Khanna went overboard with the feeling of sensuality and refused to let go of his co-star Madhuri Dixit in the film Dayavan. He gave an intense lip-lock to Madhuri that ended up in biting Madhuri’s lips. Madhuri considered doing that film with Vinod as the biggest mistake of her life, it is because the film included a lot of intimate scenes.

Also, during the shoot of film Prem Dharam, Vinod lost control had to shoot a love-making scene with actress Dimple Kapadia, he lost his control. He kept on kissing and hugging Dimple Kapadia repeatedly even after the director Mahesh Bhatt said cut to the scene. This scared Dimple and she left the film set. This film never got released.

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