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These Bollywood Actresses Tightly Slapped Their Co-actors For Abusing Them Physically

Bollywood world has its own pros and cons. Here you will find the great examples of friendship, getting married into a different religion etc. But at the same time, you will find the incidents of gender inequality like paying more to the actor of the film than the actress, casting an older actor with a younger actress and avoiding casting an older actress with a younger actor and physical abuse with female actors. Today we will tell you about the actresses who slapped their co-actors when they touched them inappropriately while shooting for their respective films.

1) Jaya Prada

It is claimed in the reports that Dilip Tahil had become wild while shooting a rape scene with Jaya Prada. But as soon as Jaya Prada realized this, she slapped Dilip and told what’s the difference between Reel and Real Life.

2) Radhika Apte

She actually slapped her co-star for misbehaving with her. Radhika said that it happened on the sets of her Tamil film. Her co-star, a popular Tamil actor, she refused to take the name, began tickling her feet. An irate Radhika instinctively slapped him. She said,

“It was my first day on the set and a famous south actor started to tickle my feet. I was stunned as we’d never met before and I instinctively slapped him.”

3) Scarlett Wilson

The item girl of the Bollywood, Scarlett is an English model and dancer. She has done many item songs in Hindi as well as south India film industry. Scarlett was also seen in item song ‘Manohari’ of film ‘Baahubali’. During the shooting of this song, she slapped her co-star Umakant Rai for touching her inappropriately.

In fact, the video of the whole incident went viral on the internet, take a look:

4) Geetika Tyagi

The Bollywood actress who did films like Aatma, One by two etc slapped director Subhash Kapoor accusing him of sexual assault.

In 2014, she posted a video on her Twitter page in which she can be seen slapping him.

Source: DailyMotion

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