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Actresses Who Decided Not to Become Pregnant And Give Birth to a Child

Being a mom or dad isn’t in the cards for everyone. Some of the world’s biggest stars are choosing not to have children and they have their own valid reasons. Today we will tell you about the famous Indian actresses who decided not to become a mother of their biological children.

Kavita Kaushik

Recently, hit serial FIR fame Kavita Kaushik revealed that she and her husband have decided that they won’t become parents. The actress gave a reason that, “I don’t want to be unfair to the child. If I have a child in my 40s, by the time my child would be 20, we would’ve touched our old age. I don’t want our child to take care of old parents in his/her 20s. Maybe we are not maternal and paternal as people. We want to make the world a lighter place and don’t want to bring up a child to this overcrowded city and throw him in the struggles of Mumbai.”

Aruna Irani

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Popular film and TV actress Aruna got married at the age of 40 with Sandesh Kohli. He was already a married man and had kids. After marriage, Aruna decided not to become a mother. In an old interview, she said that when she sees her nephews and nieces behaving nasty and disrespecting the guests, it bothers her. That’s why she doesn’t want any child because she won’t be able to become a good mother.

Ridhi Dogra

Now separated from husband Raqesh Vashisth, Ridhi Dogra and her husband once declared that they would never have children. Ridhi said in an interview that, “Like you know it is because of practical reasons, we’ll have to leave the city to raise a child in the ideal surrounding. I see parents running and running because they have children. And what kind of world are children coming into anyway. So we thought maybe we’ll adopt a child and give him a better future.”

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