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3 Actresses Who Hate Shah Rukh Khan so Much That They Don’t Like to Hear His Name Even

Working with the famous actor of the Bollywood aka King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan is every actress’ dream. He has a huge fan following worldwide. But there are some actresses who don’t like him. Read the text below to know about these actresses:

1) Ameesha Patel

She made a rocking debut in the Bollywood with film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, which was a blockbuster. She gave another blockbuster right after that with Sunny Deol, Gaddar. Nowadays she doesn’t do films but always stays in the limelight. In her entire career, she never worked with Shah Rukh Khan. Reasons are unknwon but she always refused to work with him.

2) Hema Malini

The Dream Girl Hema Malini also dislikes Shah Rukh Khan. It was she due to which Shah Rukh Khan became a superstar in the Bollywood. She produced and directed Shah Rukh Khan’s first film Dil Aashna Hai. Shah Rukh was in a lead role in this film. The film went flop but Shah Rukh got a recognition.  Then Shah Rukh’s Deewana got released which made him a star. But he ignored Hema Malini and never appreciated her for his success. The reasons are clear!

3) Sonam Kapoor

In her 10 years career, she never signed a single film with Shah Rukh Khan. She says she can’t get paired-up with Shah Rukh Khan because he is much older than her. But she did a film Salman Khan who is of the same age as that of Shah Rukh Khan.

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