High Life Are You Aware Of The Actual Reason Behind Fasting That Your Mum...

Are You Aware Of The Actual Reason Behind Fasting That Your Mum Didn’t Tell You About?

We usually conclude a lot of deals with God and fasting is one of the most common deals between all. Well, all of all are familiar with this particular saga. We all have been doing fasting at least once in our life but are we all aware of the origin of fasting? Fasting is considered as a ritual in almost all the religions. All the way from Hinduism to Islam, Fasting revolves around every religion. Even Lord Buddha directed his followers not to eat the evening meal.

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Fasting refers to ‘Upavasa’ in Sanskrit. ‘Upa’ refers to near and ‘Vasa’ refers to god, so if we combine these two phrases, the religious meaning interprets into staying near to God. To be on a psychological side, when our stomach is empty, we exhibit the power to meditate even more and as a result, a spiritual connection is hence initiated with god. In Hinduism, it is observed that fasting is done on the occasion of certain festivals and Ekadashi ( the 11th day which happens twice in a lunar month). Ekadashi has on its side has an inter-relationship with the state of mind.

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As far as the scientific reason behind fasting is concerned, The unpredictable dietary patterns due to the faster lifestyle cause imbalance to our digestive system called Agni. Likewise, inappropriately cooked food prompts the formation of body toxins called Ama. Furthermore, as indicated by Ayurveda, an imbalanced Agni and the collected Ama in our digestive framework leads to numerous ailments.

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Just like any other framework, even the digestive system needs some rest. Fasting gives this genuinely important rest to the digestive system and tries to keep up a harmony amongst Agni and Ama. In this way, whenever you keep a quick, think about the logical advantages too. Do not forget to thank us below in the comment section below.

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