Entertainment Hollywood Adele And Jennifer Lawrence Spotted in a Gay Bar, Sparks Rumour About...

Adele And Jennifer Lawrence Spotted in a Gay Bar, Sparks Rumour About Orientation

When Grammy-winning singer Adele and her Oscar-winning actor friend Jennifer Lawrence decide to spend their time in a gay bar, things are sure to get spicy and funny. To let you know, both of them share a great camaraderie.

Both of them were spotted at New York’s Greenwich Village’s Pieces gay bar at Manhattan, and they both appeared to be having a great time there. Adele participated in a game show hosted by the drag queen. reportedly, she introduced herself to the crowd saying, “Hi my name’s Adele,” before screaming, “She’s f***ing engaged!” in reference to Lawrence’s recent engagement to Cooke Maroney.

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About herself, she told the crowd, “I’m actually at the moment a stay-at-home mom.” On asking if she’s “ready to mingle and have a great time with the gays tonight”, Adele replied, “F***ing obviously.”

Both Adele and Jennifer drank, danced, schmoozed, hugged shirtless men at the bar and were immensely ecstatic.

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