Admissions of the elderly ramp up in the hospitals in China

Elderly patients have filled up the hospital ward in China. The country is yet again hit with Covid cases as a result hospitals in major cities have received admissions in the ward majorly elderly patients making it a sire situation in the country.

A paramedic at Chongqing Medical University First Affiliated Hospital, verified that the old man who is seen under the stack of blankets attached to a breathing tube and is admitted in the hospital under the emergency department in central China is affected with Covid. The hospital has admitted more than 10 people every day listing total cases to 80 to 90 percent.

“Most of them are elderly people,” he adds. “A lot of hospital staff are positive as well, but we have no choice but to carry on working.”

Patients has to wait for the allotment of the beds. Images floating on the internet showed five patients stuck to the respirators due to breathing difficulties.

One of the concerning of the hospital authorities is that maximum of the elderly were not vaccinated completely making the even more vulnerable to the virus. In Shanghai the emergency department was flooded with stretchers carrying the elderly folks backed with oxygen cylinders.

The hospital authorities have cumulatively decided to stay numb about the actual numbers and the incumbent condition. Before the WHO chief has also expressed his concern over the severe spread in the country and have seek more details from the authorities in Beijing, especially the extent of the virus.