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Adnan Sami’s Son Azaan Sami Says ‘I have grown up in India but my home is Pakistan’

Adnan Sami’s Son Azaan Sami Says ‘I have grown up in India but my home is Pakistan’


Adnan Sami, a finest Bollywood singer always targets by social media users of Pakistan. It is because since the day he got Indian citizenship he lauds India, the Indian government and Indian Army. However, his son Azaan Sami Khan is still a Pakistani and is completely different from his father and has a different opinion.

Recently in an interview, Azaan made some shocking revelations which are now hitting the headlines. he revealed about his citizenship and calls Pakistan his home. He said, “The reason I have never really spoken about it before is that he is my father. I love him and respect him. He has made certain decisions of where he wants to live and which country he chooses to call home, and I respect that. What I choose to call home now is my choice and I chose to work in Pakistan.”

Like his father, Azaan also has an interest in music. During his teenage days, he was in India. But now he has shifted to Pakistan and calls Pakistan his home. He is proud of being a Pakistani. He says after spending teenage years in India, he has grown up in Pakistan and feels Pakistan entertainment industry is his family.

When Azaan was quizzed on his father’s views on the rising tension between India and Pakistan, as well as on the Kashmir issue, he replied, “Yes, there are days when it is very interesting how people around me react when stuff like that happens and there has just been silence from my side.”

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Asked if he has ever had a debate or discussion with his dad regarding the latter’s political views, Azaan replied: “What he and I talk about should remain between us. We have had a very tested relationship over the years. I grew up with my mother. Him and I were more like friends. He is someone I go to for advice. It is a very interesting relationship because we may at times not speak for months but when we do, we just get each other. So, when I say I respect him, I get when he comes from. And as I child I think it is not our place to comment on what our parents do. We can advise, we can suggest, but it is not our place to tell them what to do.”

To let you know, Adnan Sami got married 4 times in his life. Sami was first married to actress Zeba Bakhtiar in 1993, with whom he had a son named Azaan Sami Khan. They divorced after three years. Zeba also worked in Bollywood film Henna. She also got married to Javed Jaffrey before Adnan Sami. Adnan then married Dubai-based Arab Sabah Galadari in 2001 but divorced in one and a half year. He remarried her in 2008 but again the couple filed for divorce just after a year. For the fourth time, he got married to Roya Sami Khan in 2010 and now the couple is the parents of a daughter.

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