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Adorable Diwali Special Ad Shows The Close Bond Deepika Has With Parents

Diwali is the most extravagant Festival of India that is celebrated with ultimate grandeur. We buy and prepare sweets, meet old relatives, clean our homes, and shop! The list is endless but the whole point of all this is reliving that close bond with the family.

While this is what goes on about in almost every indian home what about our famous Celebs? They can’t be doing the same things! Well sure they can! Here’s an adorable Diwali special Ad showing Deepika Padukone and her parents and the very sweet and cute bond that they share. The best part is that it is unbelievably relatable.

Itne Saalo Se Humari Diwali Mein Kuch Nahi Badla. Par Agar Diwali Aisi ho, Toh Koi Bhi Usse Kyun Badle? 🙂

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