If its viral on Internet, its on PagalParrot


If its on PagalParrot, its viral on Internet.

Custom Content Worth Sharing.

Numbers Matters

The PagalParrot Audience

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Google Analytics

55,0000+ monthly uniques

50% are 18-34 years old

Where ever they go ??

Data Source

60% of our traffic is mobile, and growing

Route Social

75% of our traffic comes from social referrals

  • Source : Analytics

Custom Native Content

We strive to entertain and inspire with snackable content in a variety of formats like, listicles, long format articles, polls, opinion pieces, facebook albums, quizzes and infographics!

Social Discovery

Social networks are where the millennials discover their daily dose of news and information and for your brand stories to reach them, they have to break the clutter! If you are looking to drive user engagement and conversations on your brand, you have landed at the right place!

Promotion and Story Units

Story units are seamlessly integrated across PagalParrot and promote custom content on the homepage, site wide, social thumbnail, and mobile. They are designed to optimize success and promote top performing posts by rotating them within the story units. Click-through rates for story units have proven to be 10x the industry standard for banner ads. Promotion and story units are included in every PagalParrot program.

Why PagalParrot is so special ?

And that means we’re as invested as you are in making sure that we get only the most awesome ideas out there..


How It Works ??

Hey !! Please Do Something

Our brand solutions team assess the brand challenges and objective as shared in your brief.

Idea Factory

Our team of content strategists, video production and design experts all get into the act to combine viral, engaging ideas and create compelling, on-brand content.

What Next ??

Your content idea is published on PagalParrot and then feverishly tracked.

And Next ??

Business is all about brand image we do everything to make your brand look promising.

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