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Afghan Women Sew Their Lips to Protest Against Government

Afghan Women Sew Their Lips to Protest Against Government


In Kabul, Afghanistan, in front of Presidential Palace 11 women protested against the election misconduct or election fraud. Four of these women stitched their lips. Last year, these women lost parliamentary elections in the various provinces of Afghanistan.

These women accused that they were winning the elections but because of cheating in elections and bribe, the opposition made it possible to reach parliament. The opposition with the power of money managed to make the result in their favour. One of the protestors told BBC that protesting by stitching lips shows how much helpless they are. The government is deaf and dumb.

A female doctor put stitches on their lips after these women asked her to do so. One of these protesting women said, “We are protesting for 3 months but the president doesn’t have a 3-minute time for us. Unless our demands are accepted, our protest will continue.”

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These women are demanding that the Afghan government will make a committee which will investigate the election fraud or vote-rigging. On the other hand, the Election Commission and the government stated that the allegations put by these women as baseless.

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