World Cup 2019: After losing from India, Afghanistan is having its match with Bangladesh. Ahead of this clash, Afghanistan captain Gulbadin Naib cracks a joke during a press conference which is now grabbing all the attention.

“Hum to doobe hai sanam, tumko lekar doobage” means we are already drowned darling, but we’ll take you with us, a smiling Gulbadin said when asked about the match against Bangladesh. Watch the video below:

Team Afghanistan is nowhere seeming to enter semi-finals of the tournament. Afghanistan has lost all its six matches so far while Bangladesh is still in the reckoning with five points from six matches. Bangladesh will need to win against Afghanistan to remain in contention for a semifinal berth.

Despite not winning any match in the tournament, the Afghanistan skipper was optimistic about his spinners as they seek their first win of the competition. He said ahead of Monday’s match, “You saw against India. India has the best batting attack all over the world. So if the wicket helps our spinners, maybe it’s very difficult for everyone, not only Bangladesh.”