News Africans Thrash Ola Cab Driver For Abiding By The Law

Africans Thrash Ola Cab Driver For Abiding By The Law

A group of Africans allegedly beat up a taxi driver after he refused to carry more than four passengers.

It was about the law in a nation where we love to break laws, correct me if I am wrong, So as do we do here even when foreigners come in India they do the same. After all what every one sees, he/she learns the same.


The incident took place at near about 4 am after five men and a women booked Nuruddin’s cab, Nuruddin is a resident of Kharak village. After he brought up his taxi traveling from Dwarka to Rajpur and told that as per law not more than four people are allowed these young men went mad with anger and thrashed him.

After that these men fled up from the spot. However he was able to stop the woman. Woman claims to be from Rawanda. Police is now verifying her credentials as she wasn’t carrying any document.

The driver has been sent for treatment to  AIIMS at Trauma Center.

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