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After 16 Years Vivek Oberoi Asks For Forgiveness From Salman Khan

After 16 Years Vivek Oberoi Asks For Forgiveness From Salman Khan


Vivek Oberoi is in news since the day his upcoming film Narendra Modi biopic got announced. He is playing the lead role in the film. However, due to the ongoing general elections in India, the film got banned by election commission currently.

Even after that, Vivek is busy in the film’s promotions and recently during an interview, he Vivek has revealed something very shocking about Salman Khan. Their rivalry is one of the most infamous fights of Bollywood. They are enemies because of Aishwarya Rai. To let you know, 16 years ago in 2003, when Aishwarya Rai broke up with Salman Khan accusing him of physically abusive, it was Vivek Oberoi in whom she found love again.

Vivek was young and was a new actor in the film industry. He flaunted how Salman Khan being jealous of Aishwarya’s move on with him, threatened him on phone. He abused Salman Khan openly during an interaction with media and he even called him words like gutter, badtmeez etc. He also said that Salman Khan in a drunken state called him 41 times on mobile. Video is also available, watch it below:

After this media meet, Vivek’s world changed upside down. His career affected as Bhai Salman Khan is the most influential person in Bollywood. Moreover, Aishwarya also ditched him to marry Abhishek Bachchan.

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Now, after 16 years of the incident, when Vivek Oberoi was recently asked about Salman Khan. He was asked if the Dabangg star was given a truth serum, what would he ask him. To this he replied, “Do you truly believe in forgiveness?”

This simply means Vivek now wants Salman Khan to forgive him and forget whatever happened. He is trying for his forgiveness from so long. Years ago while performing on-stage during an award function, he literally joined hands infront of Salman Khan to forgive him. watch the video below:

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