After a European tour, the “Mysterious Monolith” appears in Canada


A mysterious metal obelisk, similar to those that have appeared in the desert of Utah and several European countries, was discovered Thursday on a riverbank in the city of Toronto.

Monolith news

Rectangular, measuring nearly four meters in height, the strange structure has already arisen and then disappeared elsewhere in Canada, notably in the cities of Vancouver (west) and Winnipeg (south) in early December.

In Toronto, a few people rushed to take a photo with the unusual object and share it on social networks.

Monolith news

In an image posted Friday morning on Instagram, the object appears vandalized with graffiti drawn in red paint.

The first building of this type was discovered in mid-November on the red soil of the Utah desert by astonished local officials who flew over the area to identify the bighorn sheep.

The appearances then followed one another across the world, on a hill in Romania, a beach on the Isle of Wight, in the south of England, or on a bank in Poland, causing fascination and curiosity on the Internet.

Some saw a resemblance to the alien monoliths in Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction film, “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

A collective called The Most Famous Artist and based in New Mexico claimed authorship of the Utah structure, but not those of the artefacts discovered in Romania, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.