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After Becoming MP Sunny Deol Increases His Fees, Film Fateh Singh’s Makers Show Him Exit Door

After winning elections and becoming a Member of Parliament, Bollywood actor Sunny Deol hiked his fees. The first film for which he increased the fee is ‘Fateh Singh’. Inside sources associated with the film revealed Sunny Deol has quoted Rs 5 crore fee for the film.

However, makers of the film felt like it a big amount. It is because the film budget for Fateh Singh is around Rs 25 crore. A big part of the film is to be shot in London. So there would be an additional expenditure of Rs 15 to 18 crores. They are reluctant to bear an extra burden of Sunny Deol’s fee of Rs 5 crore. Consequently, the makers have decided to make ‘Fateh Singh’ with some other actor than Sunny Deol.

Fateh Singh is the dream project of Rajkumar Santoshi. He planned this film years ago and have been engaged in making it for a long time. With this film project, he also wanted to rejuvenate his impaired relationship with Sunny Deol. But now, it is not seeming to be feasible. The producers of the film have now decided that they will replace Sunny Deol with a big star from South Indian cinema.

To let you know, the story of Fateh Singh is not a period drama. Rather, it is the story of today’s era. It will put lights on the current scenario of youth migrating from Punjab to London. the film revolves around a youth who reaches London from Punjab. There, he starts working in a bomb-defusing squad. Currently, in London, Khalistan is raising the head again. The activities of this separatist organization from Punjab will also be shown in the film.

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