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News After Beef, BJP Leader Want Momos To Be Banned, Claims They Will...

After Beef, BJP Leader Want Momos To Be Banned, Claims They Will Kill You

Something is going really wrong in our country, the youth brigade is getting involved in the issues which are not as important as others are. Moreover, some politicians, in the name of religion, cow etc, are trying to distract us from the real topics. BJP legislator and lawyer by profession, Ramesh Arora wants momos to be banned and he is also campaigning for the same.

What did He Say?

BJP Leader thinks momos are the root cause of several life-threatening diseases, including cancer of the intestine as it contains Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) also known as Ajinomoto, which is a chemical flavor. He further added that Ajinomoto is responsible for converting a minor headache into a migraine.

BJP MLC from Jammu says ‘momo is a killer’; but is it really? Is Chinese food bad for health?

Source: The Indian Express

Food Culture

According to Arora, momos are more harmful than psychotropic drugs and alcohol. In an interview to The Indian Express, the BJP legislator said: “Our food culture did not just develop overnight. It takes hundreds of years to develop a food culture and these Chinese foods have been trying to destroy that from the past 30 years or so.”


By appreciating his own efforts, he said: “I am happy that the sale of momos has now gone down by 30-35percentt. The shopkeepers have cooperated and now sell Nutri-kulcha.”

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