Entertainment Bollywood After Pictures With Ranbir, Mahira Khan's Smoking Video Went Viral

After Pictures With Ranbir, Mahira Khan’s Smoking Video Went Viral

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s smoking video has gone viral on various social media channels. Many so-called social scientists trolled her by describing the whole act as cheap and offensive.


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In the video, Mahira is seen with a cigarette in her hand. She was attending a marriage function in Pakistan.

Last year also, Mahira’s smoking images with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor had surfaced online. During an interview with City Times, Mahira talked about it, I was quiet initially, but I was definitely not laughing over the controversy. It is personal for sure. The reason I responded to the trolls is that something very personal to me became public. So, I felt, ‘Okay, let’s just put it out there. For anybody being harassed and the issue becoming a national debate, it’s not a nice thing. I don’t know what made me do this,  but I thought that I am going to take this on the chin and I am going to move forward.”

After Pictures With Ranbir, Mahira Khan's Smoking Video Went Viral

Mahira further added: “It takes strength, but when you are hit with something and when you are in the storm, you fight it out. It is not that you are stronger than him or her. It is just that you walk out of the storm and you are going to do your best to swim out of it.”

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