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Entertainment After Sushant's death, T.v actor Angad Hasija felt like quitting acting

After Sushant’s death, T.v actor Angad Hasija felt like quitting acting

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After Sushant’s death, T.v actor Angad Hasija said “I’ve no hopes of making it to Bollywood”. The actor felt like quitting acting.

Its been more than two months, but Sushant’s death mystery has not been solved yet. The investigations regarding the case are still going on. His tragic death made an impact on every actor who is still taking baby steps in the entertainment industry. And wish to earn name and fame. But it seems that the case of Sushant has stunned everyone. In fact, many newcomers who wanted to enter the entertainment industry are now giving a second thought. That whether they continue to step forward in the industry or not.

Amidst this, there are reports that an actor named Angad Hasija who came to know about the incident also made up his mind to leave the acting profession. In a conversation with a newspaper, Angad said. Sushant’s journey from TV to Bollywood has been full of inspiration and he soon became a star about whom everyone was talking about. When I came to know about his death, I was very broken inside and I felt like leaving the industry.

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Talking about Rajput being depressed and under medication, Hasija said I couldn’t believe any of that as he was so full of energy. In fact, I thought that if a talented performer like him suffered so much just because of the industry, I’ve no hopes of making it to Bollywood. I really got devastated and after this, it took time for me to get back to the work. The actor, who’s hometown is Chandigarh at present Further discussing his career, said that whenever I was desperate or disappointed, I went to my family. I think it is important that you should have a backup in the type of profession you are in. I already made my mind that if I fail in my acting career, then I will do my own family business.

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