Bhumi Pednekar’s Tribute To Sushant Singh Rajput Is Worth Praising

Actress Bhumi Pednekar on Monday made a pledge to honor late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The pledge is to feed 550 impoverished...
News After Taimoor and Mohammad Shami, Its Irfan Pathan Who Faces Moral Policing...

After Taimoor and Mohammad Shami, Its Irfan Pathan Who Faces Moral Policing on Social Media

After Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s son Taimoor and Mohammed Shami’s wife, it’s an Indian all-rounder cricketer who faces moral policing on social media. People on social media are giving examples of Irfan Pathan and her wife, they advised, “Mohammad Shami, you need to learn from Irfan Pathan that how to keep your wife in pardah“.

However, again the name game have become a taboo on social media, this time for Irfan Pathan’s son who born on 19th December. A twitter user tweeted,

Congratulations! but don’t name your son ‘Daud’ or ‘Yakub’.

In order to reply for the same Irfan Pathan tweeted,

Mr. Divyanshu, whatever the name will but he is going to shine like his Dad and Uncle for sure!

He again tweeted on 25th December to disclose his son’s name Imraan and said this name is close to his heart.

But again his name is pranced over social media by saying, Mohammad Shami you need to learn lessons from Irfan Pathan. On this Irfan Pathan beautifully replied, “You need to think about yourself first, Live and Let Live!”

All we can say is the bouncer at its best!

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