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After ‘Toilet” and “Padman”, Another Great Initiative By Akshay Kumar

After ‘Toilet” and “Padman”, Another Great Initiative By Akshay Kumar


Yes! We have seen our “Khiladi Kumar” in many great initiatives for society. We will see him in road safety campaign. This is really a very good initiative because as the number of accidents are increasing day by day.

Recently, The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have got “Khiladi Kumar” on board to promote safety and awareness. Akshay is associated with MORTHRoadSafety and will take forward the road safety movement. Well, it is going to be a film like “Toilet” and “Padman”, Instead, It is an ad campaign for the well being of our society.

Moreover, Akshay Kumar tweeted on June 3 at 09:06 am that ” Honoured to associate with @MORTHRoadSafety and take forward the ‘Road Safety’ movement. I sincerely hope the campaign will bring about a behavioural change towards traffic & road safety and in turn help save precious lives.”

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