After Two Divorces, Now This Actress Lost Her Mother Who Dies in Seconds While Attending Son’s Mehendi Ceremony

It’s a bad time for TV actress Chahatt Khanna. Meanwhile, facing troubles in her married life, now she lost her mother. Yes, the actress lost her mother Usha Khanna who died of acute heart failure on February 20. Like everyone else, Chahatt was also very close to her mother and has been sharing pictures and videos of her mother on her social media accounts.

She has penned down an emotional letter on the loss of her mother. The letter reads: “It’s difficult to fathom that you are gone within no time, but I woke up to your strength today. I know you not around since you know I’ve handled it, I know you met your god who I don’t believe in anymore, but mummy I promise you, you’ll be proud of me soon, everything I do I’ll do for you and my girls now. I am your lioness, and I want the world to know the lady who made Me the way I am is gone, and gone giving me her strength. I’ll make you happy till we meet again .. #maa #mummy #nani #nanihouse #ushakhanna.”

Chahatt told that she was not present when the tragedy took place as she was at Dadasaheb Phalke Awards to collect her certificate. She said she was alright and was enjoying at her brother’s Mehendi ceremony. At sudden, her mother Usha vomited and gasped for breath and in a fraction of seconds, she died. It was so quick for them to understand that her mother was gone forever.

Chahatt Khanna shared a video and a photo of her mother on social. She also posted a photo of ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ made by her mother two days before her death, that they stored in the fridge.

To let you know Chahatt Khanna married first when she was only 19 years old and soon she got divorced, accusing her husband of domestic violence then she married Farhan Mirza and had two daughters from him. She later filed for divorce with him too.

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