Agar Neta Ban Na Hai Na Toh Gunde Paalo, Gunde Bano Nahin, Struggle Story of Kaleen Bhayiya of Mirzapur


Who does not know actor Pankaj Tripathi today. Pankaj has become such a face of the industry whose demand is everywhere. Pankaj has achieved a special place on the basis of his acting. Initially, Pankaj used to get only a few small mothe rolls in Mumbai. Later, he grew in stature. No one can deny his work in the web series Mirzapur. The kind of character he has played has become immortal in people’s hearts forever.

After this, the script of an entire film was written for him keeping in mind Pankaj’s character. Pankaj’s acting talent was also well appreciated in the film paper. Pankaj Tripathi did not decide this journey only. During this journey, he also faced all the difficulties coming in the way. Today we are going to tell you about this journey of Pankaj.

Once during an interview, Pankaj Tripathi had told that when he reached Mumbai, he had very little money but had a lot of courage. Later on the same courage, he traveled such a long journey. Only then did he achieve all this. According to Pankaj, he faced a lot of rejections, ate several studios and returned empty-handed, but he never lost courage even after 8 years of long struggle.

During this interview, actor Pankaj Tripathi also said that the biggest source of inspiration in his life is the learning of life. He learns more from life than from cinema. Perhaps this is why the characters they play seem more real. Among his characters, be it Fukrey’s Panditji or the carpet brother of Mirzapur. Pankaj Tripathi has played whatever role he has played till date. Pankaj had also told that he had no idea of ​​cutting it, nor did he ever think that people would become so crazy about him. His only purpose in coming to Mumbai was that through acting, only his pulses and bread would go away.

Today, there is no need to tell anyone who is Pankaj Tripathi. According to Pankaj, whenever he is free, he prefers to spend his time in his village. He loves his village more. They get inspiration from the village itself.