AICTE Cuts Engineering Seats By 6 Lakh To Enhance Quality Of Engineers


There is a humongous amount of Engineers produced every year in India because of the ardent rise in the number of private engineering colleges across the nation. Even so, many students are noticed to drop seats to get a place into their choice of trade and then there’s a competely different story of kids who aim for IIT’s or NIT’s.


AICTE, concerned over the quality of engineers produced in india has take immediate measures by cutting off engineering seats by almost 6 lakh. Keeping in view of almost half the total number of seats in engineering colleges remained vacant last year.

Also, being an Engineer in IT myself, can say that still alot needs to be done in bringing innovation and smart minds to the forefront than creating “Chaturs” from 3 Idiots from which I mean Bookworms!


Also, for a course in Engineering field and the trade in the same to be valid it must be certified by the AICTE. With the decreasing rate of employablity in all trades especially in core fields like Mechanical and civil Engineering such steps are surely drastic and might not be welcomed by students and colleges.


It is yet to be seen if these measures bring in good or even worsen the current situation!

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