Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput

According to AIIMS Forensic Head, Dr. Gupta. Sushant’s death was a suicide and not a murder. However, his audiotape that has been recently surfaced raised doubts.

While ago there was news that AIIMS after making its final report said that Sushant committed suicide and completely ruled out the theory of murder. According to the AIIMS chief, the investigation was conducted for the forensic evidence that was available to them. The doctor’s panel also crossed checked the autopsy report which was conducted by Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. But at last, the reports that came out claimed that it was a suicide. 

But, it seems as if the final reports by AIIMS has not gone down well with those who are still fighting for the justice to Sushant Singh Rajput. That includes his friends, fans, and family members. Meanwhile, as the case is still underway. Dr. Gupta’s audiotape has taken a new turn. As per the reports audio of Mr. Gupta who confessed recently that Sushant committed suicide, surfaced. In which he was heard saying to the cops and hospital authorities that the late actor was ‘murdered’. But now he has refuted reports about the murder theory of the actor.

 A couple of days ago, releasing a statement Dr. Gupta said “We have concluded our conclusive report. It is a case of hanging and death by suicide. There were no injuries over the body other than hanging. There were no marks of struggle/ scuffle in the body and clothes of the deceased.” but his statement has now created doubt in everyone’s mind.

Well, it seems that a lot of conspiracies are hidden behind Sushant’s death case. Because of the way his case is taking u-turns. It clearly points out that there are some facts that are yet to be known.

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