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News Technology Airtel Comes Up With An Attractive Offer-'Happy Hours'

Airtel Comes Up With An Attractive Offer-‘Happy Hours’

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Amidst struggling with the cases filed for their 4G ads, Airtel comes with a very attractive offer for their prepaid users! The program has been launched country-wide and has been named as ‘Happy Hours’.

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As a part of the offer, Airtel will allow users to schedule in-app content downloads between 3am and 5am and in return get credited with 50% data back!

The firm says that under this program, it allows developers to integrate their apps with Airtel’s ‘Happy Hours’ in easy steps. They can integrate it via an API kit by signing up at the company’s ‘Happy Hours’ sign-up page. The company said that FastFilmz andYouTube have already integrated the product in their respective apps.



Explaining it using simpler words, Airtel prepaid users would simply need to choose the Smart Offline option in YouTube for a particular video and select ‘Save overnight with Airtel Happy Hours’ to automatically save the video between 3am and 5am with 50% data back.

The company in a statement.

App developers benefit from Happy Hours through more in-app scheduled content downloads, while app users benefit as they can schedule their non-urgent and heavy downloads like videos, photo albums, music albums etc. without having to stay up and making 50% savings on data

The offer is available to all Airtel prepaid customers by default. Happy Hours are scheduled from 3am and 5am and the data will be credited back daily after 6am. The feature will be available on all regular data packs except for discounted night products such as double data packs.

To Ajai Puri, director, operations (India & South Asia), Bharti Airtel, Happy Hours seems a complete ‘win-win’ situation for both customers and developers. Puri said,

While customers get the benefit of convenience & value, developers can look forward to higher in-app content uptake.

Hope this offer doesn’t turn out to be a major flop like ‘4G Challenge’!

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