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Miss World Aishwarya Rai’s Sister-in-Law is Very Beautiful, You Will Forget Other Bollywood Actresses After Seeing Her Photos

Miss World Aishwarya Rai is one of the most beautiful ladies on the Earth. She not only won people’s heart with her beauty but also with her ace acting skills. Her eyes are gorgeous. Even though Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are getting Hollywood films these days, but it was Aishwarya Rai who made Bollywood recognizable at international levels as she has a large number of fans all over the world.

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Aishwarya has worked in over 50 Bollywood films. She dated actors Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi and later married to Abhishek Bachchan. On the film sets of Guru Abhishek proposed Aishwarya Rai and today they are living a happy married life. The couple has a daughter named Aaradhya. Everyone knows about Bachchan family but only a few people know about Rai family or Aishwarya’s maternal family.

In Aishwarya’s family, she has mother-father, a brother, sister-in-law and their children. Aishwarya’s brother’s name is Aditya Rai. He works as an engineer in the merchant navy. Apart from that, he was also the producer of the film Dil Ka Rishta, Aishwarya played the lead actress in the film.

Aditya is married to Shrima Rai. Shrima is so beautiful. People call her true Indian beauty. They compare her with Aishwarya Rai and some of them think she is more beautiful than Aishwarya. Shrima is a house-wife but she also works for fashion-blogging. See her gorgeous photos:






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