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Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutta Have An Epic Comic Timing

Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson starrer Singh is Bling is a blinged out version of Singh is King. Prabhudeva directed movie has enough color and gags to last for a season of standup comedy show.

Singh is Bliing Poster

Akshay Kumar plays a silly punjabi lad named Raftaar Singh who never takes on anything seriously in life and somehow always lands up in trouble. Amy Jackson plays Sara the Love interest of Raftaar who comes to india in search of her long lost mother. The two meet and love story begins but takes a turn as the two can’t understand each other’s language. while Sara is affluent in english, Raftaar knows none of it. Here comes in Lara Dutta who plays the interpreter and has some of the best scenes in the movie.

Singh is Bling
Singh is Bling

Overall, the movie has loud upbeat music with heavier bass, better costumes, great frames of europe, romania and lacales of Goa. The movie stars Akshay and so is packed with some awesome action and gags.

Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in Singh is Bling

Rest it all depends on the palette of movies you like (means don’t blame the author :P). A Good watch for the weekend!

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