Home Entertainment Akshay Kumar” Creates History For”Into The Wild with Bear Grylls

Akshay Kumar” Creates History For”Into The Wild with Bear Grylls

Akshay Kumar with Bear Grylls

“Into The Wild with Bear Grylls and Akshay created history as it turned out to be the most-watched show in the infotainment genre. With 2.9 billion impressions.

Khiladi actor Akshay Kumar, who is known for his marvelous stunts and acting skills, recently collaborated with Bear Grylls for the show “Into The Wild with Bear Grylls and Akshay”. And to everyone’s surprise, he fetched attention after he appeared on the show. For those unaware about it let us inform you that it was not only Akshay but earlier along with Bear Prime Minister Narendra Modi and superstar Rajinikanth also featured with him.

Now as per the latest update, it is being told that after Akshay featured in the show, that aired on September 14, 2020, it has emerged as one of the most-watched TV shows of the year. And has become the most talked-about show on social media pages. Into The Wild with Bear Grylls and Akshay Kumar has been considered as the second-highest-rated show in the infotainment genre (Discovery Channel)

Checkout the rating highlights of the show: 

The show got 24 lakh impressions in the infotainment genre. About 1.1 crore people watched its premiere on Discovery Network channels. Approximately 2.6 crore people watched the show in the first week across Discovery Network channels (original + repeats). The show also created a huge buzz on social media with #KhiladiOnDiscovery reaching out to 1.31 billion individuals delivering 2.9 billion impressions.

Well, we must say that Akshay is a real-life hero who never misses a chance to show his skills. And also show enthusiasm for everything he gets into. The Khiladi actor learned the new technique to climb a rope ladder and did some daredevil stunts. And also tasted elephant poop tea for the first time. Apart from this he also shared his childhood memories with survivalists Bear Grylls on the show.

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