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Became Actor Only to Earn Money, Today he is Living a Life of a King

There are a number of actors in the Bollywood industry who have assets worth Rs millions. Every actor that comes to the Bollywood wants to become a superstar. But today we will tell you the interesting reason behind Khiladi Akshay Kumar to join Bollywood. It was revealed by Akshay himself.

Known as the Khiladi of the Bollywood, Akshay has given a number of hit films. Akshay owns a lavish bungalow in Mumbai as well as in Canada. He is a citizen of Canada now. The attractive thing about Akshay Kumar’s bungalow is its natural beauty. He is the fittest actor in the Bollywood and after seeing his Bungalow’s natural touch it is clear that he is a nature-lover.

Recently he revealed the reason that why he became an actor. He told that after practising martial arts for nearly 11-12 years in Thailand, he opened a training school here, which let him earned around 5000 in a month. One day he got an offer to become a model for a furniture brand, and he got 21000 rupees for just 2 hours. This changed his mind and after that he thought to pursue fashion modelling only.

Gradually, he started getting short roles in the films too. His life took a turn and he became an actor. Now he is a superstar. He told that he joined films only to earn money. To let you know, now Akshay Kumar charges 30-40 crores for doing a film. Today he has a private plane worth Rs 260, a bungalow at Juhu beach worth Rs 80 crore. Apart from that, he has luxury cars and has a total asset of Rs 1028 crore. In 2017, he earned nearly Rs 280 crore.

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