This Child Who Washed Dirty Dishes In Hotel Is Now A Superstar Of Bollywood


Thousands of people visit Mumbai everyday to become hero-heroine. Most of the young people who come here have dreams of becoming Bollywood actors. There are many people in the TV industry and modeling who want to become Bollywood actors. But very few people are lucky who get the opportunity to act in Bollywood. Not everyone’s luck is as good as Star Kids, that they don’t have to struggle much to become a hero or heroine in Bollywood. But a common man reaches this point after much struggle. That is enough for a common man to get a side role in a film. There are many such stars in Bollywood too who are not children of any big celebrity but on the basis of their hard work, they have become the top actors of Bollywood today. In this post, we will talk about one such Bollywood star who has reached the peak of success on the strength of his hard work and today his 3-4 films are released every year.

We are talking about Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar is a Bollywood actor who is liked by audiences of all ages. He surprises people with his films every time. The concept of each of his films is different and he always tries to give something new to the audience. Akshay is making more films on social issues nowadays. But you know this journey from a modest person to a superstar was not easy for Akshay.

Let us tell you that before coming to the movies, Akshay Kumar used to work as a waiter in a hotel. Even after taking martial arts training from Bangkok, when he did not get any special work in India, he became a waiter. Not only this, Akshay also worked as a salesman in Dhaka for 6 months. After Dhaka, he came back to Delhi and finally got a chance to teach martial arts to children in a school in Mumbai.

While teaching martial arts in school, a child’s father advised Akshay that he should do modeling. What was it then Akshay got the photoshoot done and started doing small assignments. Gradually he started to become popular in the modeling industry and his debut film ‘Saugandh’ came in the year 1991. Akshay’s film career started since this film and he never looked back.

Akshay follows a very disciplined lifestyle. He wakes up at 4 am every morning and then after working all day, sleeps after eating between 6-7 pm. There is no bad habit in Akshay. He keeps alcohol and cigarettes away from himself. He also does not like going to parties. He believes in simple living, high thinking.

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