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Akshay Wins Us Over Yet Again By Helping His First Producer Who Had No Money For A Kidney Transplant

As we all are aware of the fact that Akshay Kumar has has been the most honest to goodness among all the celebrities. He talks the right things and he does the right ones as well. Just a couple of days back, he offered financial help to the groups of the considerable number of Martyrs who lost their lives in the #Uri Attacks. At the same time, while the entire media was occupied with discussing the boycott of Pakistani actors and actresses, he ended his silence and requested people to put on some serious questions.


Once again, he won all of our hearts.A gentleman fellow named Sanyog Shrivastava tweeted to Akshay Kumar that his first producer and close companion Mr. Ravi Shrivastava needs a kidney transplant.

Once a known name, Mr. Ravi Shrivastava is unfortunately forgotten. Akshay Kumar’s first motion picture on the paper is Saugandh, but technically it was Dwarpaal. For some unknown reasons, Dwarpaal has dependably been on the rack and never turned out. He figured out how to get both of these motion pictures while he was battling with the assistance of Mr. Ravi Shrivastava.

Mr. Ravi stands on the right to Akshay in the above picture.

The sad part is that Mr. Ravi, who has been connected with more than 250 movies now now lives a life of poverty and couldn’t manage the cost of a kidney transplant. In any case, Akshay Kumar saw the tweet and helped his old companion in a matter of seconds.

Apart from the association with over 250 movies, he has also designed posters for movies like Biwi Ho To Aisi, Teri Meherbaniyan, Hukumat, Tehelka. Fo your kind information, a kidney transplant costs around 15-17 lakhs and Yes, Akshay Kumar took care of it. More, more and countless respect for this Man!

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