News Al-Qaeda Shares a Document, Indian Security Officials and Hindu Leaders on Target

Al-Qaeda Shares a Document, Indian Security Officials and Hindu Leaders on Target

“All who have blood of Kashmiri brothers on their hands are our targets”

Yes, this is revealed by a document released by global terrorist group Al-Qaeda. They said it clearly that they will target Indian security officials and leaders of Hindu “separatist” organizations. Reportedly, Al-Qaida released an elaborate document titled as “Code of Conduct for Mujahideen in the subcontinent”.

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The document explains its objectives, targets, and do’s and don’ts for members in detail. It reads,

“All personnel of the military are our targets, whether they be in the war zone or in barracks at their bases. Even the personnel on vacation are not exempted due to their battle against the implementation of sharia. Officers are a greater priority than soldiers. The greater is the seniority, greater is our priority to kill him. Those officers of the military who have the blood of our Kashmiri brothers on their hands are our targets.”

After the release of this document, Indian intelligence sources said they are alert and are ready to fight back and abolish every militant activity that will be organized by Al-Qaeda to destroy peace in the valley.

Recently, a DSP was brutally lynched by a mob outside Jamia Mosque in Kashmir. Earlier an Army officer was also kidnapped from his home and later killed. The document also mentions that hostages should either be traded for a brother, given up for ransom or be killed, besides elaborating on targets in Pakistan, Arakan (Myanmar) and Bangladesh.

According to the sources, the most worrying part was that the Al-Qaeda had invited different groups fighting in the subcontinent to pledge their allegiance to what they refer to as the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”, and stand up against intelligence agencies and the groups they sponsor.



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