Infotainment A Country Where People Are Being Murdered And Harvested For Their Body...

A Country Where People Are Being Murdered And Harvested For Their Body Parts, Absolutely Disgusting!

The world is full of many unsolved mysteries. In past times people believed in superstition but with the change in time, there thinking also changes. Is Albinism a curse? Today, we are going to tell you about an African country where Albino people are killed because of superstition. Actually, here people who are suffering from Albino disease are being killed to sell out their body parts.

albino killings

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The name of this African country is Malawi or it is also called as the “The Warm Heart Of Africa” as there Albinos are being murdered, raped and harassed. They believed that people who are suffering from Albino have some magical tenors in their bodies which are used to cure harmful diseases. In this country, Albinos are being kidnapped and killed and their body parts are being sold. Medicines being made out from their body parts are sold in Lakhs of rupees. 

albino people being murdered to sell out their body parts

But it is not confirmed that these medicines are effective or not. In this country, rich people uses to buy these medicines. We can’t believe that in today’s times where a man reached to the Mars there exists some people who believe in such fuzzy superstitions. Is poverty or illiteracy the reason behind? Probably!

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