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Alert! Liquor Prices To Be Increased By 50% From 1 April In Goa

Shubham Banyal



Many Goa plans will be canceled as the liquor prices in Goa are going to increase by 50% from 1 April.

Liquor price increases in goa

Liquor Prices Are Increasing In Goa

Well, this is bad news for Bachelors and Liquor lovers. According to a report, the liquor in Goa is going to be 50% costlier from April 1. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant announced this in the Goa assembly. While presenting his first budget, Sawant said that the fees for selling Excise Duties and Liquor will increase. It will be up to 20-50% according to Liquor’s category.

Liquor prices increase in goa

Speaking to journalists, Sawant said, ‘We have increased the tax slightly so that the pressure on the common man does not increase. Excise Duty, Stamp Duty, fees, court fees, and land rates will be increased.  

Liquor Prices Are Increasing In Goa

Goa’s Excise Revenue Collection in 2018-2019 was 477.67 crores. This was 16.5% higher than the previous year.
Despite this, the liquor will be cheaper in Goa than in other states. Sawant told to put holograms on the bottles and also assured to control the liquor black marketing.

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